Offering a personal training studio with private lessons for people new to weightlifting, Whiting Fitness of Boise, Idaho is all about making clients comfortable so they can reach their exercise goals. “Our philosophy is to really help people hit their personal fitness targets, whether it is simply improving health, or preparing for competitions,” says owner Oren Whiting.

Yet, with gyms affected particularly harshly by pandemic-related closures, Whiting has seen his clients suffer both physically and mentally. “COVID-19 has unleashed many negative psychological effects for my clients who were unable to access the gym,” he says. “In many ways, fitness professionals help people with their emotional needs as well as their fitness needs and closing down stopped us from being able to assist our clients.”

Now, as more and more of Boise opens up, Whiting and his team are looking to help those who have suffered during the past closure by joining forces with Columbia Bank’s Pass It On Project. That is why Whiting Fitness is giving the gift of health to two single mothers and Columbia Bank is paying the bill. “We are passing it on with free personal training to two single moms who cannot afford our services right now,” says Whiting. “With Columbia Bank’s help, we are going to provide these two wonderful people the kind of individual attention and support they truly deserve.”