While the brewery and restaurant business can be hyper-competitive, Matthew Jacobson, owner of Wayfinder Brewery of Portland, Oregon tells a story of how a competitor passed it on to him in a difficult time. “At the beginning of the pandemic we, along with most in the industry were experiencing supply chain issues like aluminum cans,” he says. “In our moment of need, the owner of Ecliptic Brewing saved our butts by generously giving us a pallet of cans!”

Such generosity helped Jacobson and team pivot their business at the beginning of COVID-19. “We sidelined our brewery and restaurant and focused on canning and selling as much wholesale beer as we could package,” says Jacobson. “It’s been a struggle, and we’ve had to furlough some of our staff, but we are doing the best we can.”

As their business transition continues, Jacobson and team decided to joining forces with Columbia Bank as part of their Pass It On Project. Wanting to help people who – even during the best of times – struggle with daily living, Wayfinder Brewery is providing free drinks to volunteers at Portland Street Medicine and Columbia Bank is picking up the tab. “We are passing it on to Portland Street Medicine which provides health care to those experiencing homelessness,” he says. “With Columbia Bank’s support, we are going to offer these amazing volunteer workers a gift to say thanks for all the amazing work they do for people at the extreme end of health care challenges.