Wanda’s Café in Nehalem, Oregon started as a small home-based baking shop, but success soon outgrow the kitchen. “We became wildly successful,” says owner Frank Squillo, “and today we have our own shop.” At Wanda’s you can get breakfast, lunch, and dinner plus a wonderful assortment of baked goods to take home.

Like many other restaurants, continued growth for Wanda’s has been halted by the pandemic. “Our business is down about 30-50 percent due to COVID,” says Squillo. “It’s been a struggle both to maintain operations and to keep our employees together.”

Yet, being someone who intimately understands the power of food, Squillo is doing his best to provide for people who live with food insecurity and that is a big reason why he is partnering with Columbia Bank’s Pass it On Project. Wanda’s Café is providing food to community members in need and Columbia Bank is paying the bill. “We are passing it on by donating food to members in the community who really need a helping hand,” Squillo says. “There is nothing more basic than feeding others in need and with Columbia Bank’s support, we are able to do just that.”