It can be said that Walla Walla Environmental is not being impacted by the pandemic, but rather Walla Walla Environmental is making an impact on it. “We are utilizing our logistics and manufacturing skill to ramp up production on hand sanitizers, and disinfectants,” says owner Cassie Rothstrum. “We are committed to being a strong defense against this insidious virus.”

“In many ways the pandemic has brought us closer,” says Rothstrum. “Our business has grown because of COVID and so has our team spirit and commitment to help as many people as we can.”

This closeness is also part of what Walla Walla Environmental is doing now, and that’s why Rothstrum’s banker knew Walla Walla Environmental would be the perfect partner for Columbia Bank’s Pass It On Project. Walla Wall Environmental is providing help to a very special customer and Columbia Bank is paying the bill. “We are providing cleaning products and support to a dear friend struggling with breast cancer,” says Rothstrum. “Her and her husband make a tremendous impact in our community, and with Columbia Bank’s help, we hope to positively impact their lives as well during this time.”