Specializing in diseases of the retina, Dr. W. Craig Lannin, D.O. of Redding California, dedicates his life toward helping people achieve proper vision health. “I am always gratified to help someone preserve or recover their vision from severe and sometimes blinding diseases.”

He also believes in the responsibility of those in fortunate circumstances to give back to those in the community who struggle. “Unlike many others, I have been somewhat lucky during the pandemic,” he says. “I have an obligation to try and help those living in less favorable situations. To me, that is the essence of ‘Pass It On,’ and I intend to do my part.”

Doing his part led him to partner with Columbia Bank’s Pass It On Project with an offer that may profoundly change someone’s life. Dr. W. Craig Lannin, D.O. is providing services to patients that can’t afford needed services and Columbia Bank is paying the bill. “I will be passing in on by providing care to patients who have no insurance or otherwise cannot afford much needed medical care,” says Dr. Lannin. Not being able to visit an optometrist can rob someone of their sight and with Columbia Bank’s generous gift, I will help make sure that those in need get vital vision care.”