For many, natural and wholistic approaches to medicine and nutrition provide the answers they seek, and according to Paige Hoy, owner of Vitality Wellness in Meridian, Idaho, that is certainly the case with her business. “Many of our patients are people who’ve been told by others that there wasn’t much that could be done to help their symptoms and improve their quality of life,” she says. “However, we’ve had a good deal of success with the options we provide like IV Drip Therapy and vitamin injections along with nutrition and fitness coaching.”

With such a high-contact business, Vitality Wellness has had to be content with a whole new way of offering services during the pandemic. “We’ve had to downsize and reduce some of offerings,” says Hoy. The only service we were able to offer in-person was our IV therapy which certainly cut into our bottom line. Yet, it is a vital service and we even began offering it for free to individuals working in health care.”

That spirit of service is what led Hoy and Vitality Wellness to Columbia Bank’s Pass It On Project. “There have been many who’ve helped me and have been truly supportive of me during these challenging times and I want so much to repay the favor,” says Hoy. That is why Vitality Wellness is providing free services to two local businesses in need of help and Columbia Bank is paying the bill. “I’m passing it on to Dr. Travis White, a chiropractor and Anna Williams, of the Brow Club. They are wonderful local businesspeople and I’m honored to be able to help them in any way I can,” says Hoy.