In Happy Valley, Oregon if you need fresh produce, a huge assortment of Hispanic cuisine, as well as other Latin American faire, Villa’s Market is your place. “We are a family owned grocery store that takes great pride in delivering great customer service,” says owner Medardo Villanueva.

When the pandemic occurred, Villanueva and his employees were worried about the business, but even more worried about their customers. “For many people, they had to really back off their purchases and only stock up on the essentials,” says Villanueva, “It was very hard to see our friends who come into the store so afraid for their jobs and families.”

Yet by taking action and a little help from Columbia Bank, Villa’s is helping turn a negative into a positive. “We are Passing It On by providing free food boxes to customers who need it most, says Villanueva. “By giving them good food, we take away a little bit of their worry.” With Columbia Bank footing the bill, Villa’s Market is providing a little more happiness in Happy Valley