When you visit Viera’s Bakery & Deli in Yakima it’s a good idea to come with an appreciation for The Simpson’s and an enormous appetite. That’s because a large cut-out of Homer Simpson greets everyone on the side of the shop – and more importantly – Homer Simpson-sized homemade doughnuts greet hungry patrons. Viera’s is a true Yakima institution and provides scratch-made baked goods, great sandwiches, beautiful wedding cakes and more. As owner Mario Viera likes to say, “We make everything with love!”

While Mario, his wife Christina and their crew have been fortunate to remain open during these challenging months, the pandemic has cut into her business along with many other local businesses where her friends and neighbors work. “This is a tightknit community, and during all the struggles, we have banded together to help one another,” says Christina. Our neighboring business, Cost Less Carpet, has even let us borrow their forklift whenever we’ve needed it.”

It is this community spirit that drives Viera’s Bakery to Pass It on to other key institutions in Yakima. Christina and her crew are giving away all sorts of pastries and baked goods to local hospital staff and frontline medical workers. “When your community needs you, you jump in and help, that’s just what you do,” says Mario. With Columbia Bank picking up the tab, Viera’s Bakery is helping to keep health care staffers fed and content with fresh made treats, and perhaps even a Homer Simpson doughnut or two!