For over five years, Valley Dental Works has been an active member of the Happy Valley community, employing 22 staff members, supporting and sponsoring youth athletics and, most importantly, providing excellent dental service. For Dr. Miller, the owner and one of the practicing dentists, Valley Dental Works is a point of personal pride, seeing as Happy Valley is his hometown.

These days, it’s important to find reasons to smile. While pandemic guidelines have decreased the number of patients Valley Dental Works can see every day, dentists like Dr. Miller have been able to spend more time with them.

In those extra moments, patients have been able to share more of their own stories. Dr. Miller learned about people from his hometown that had been devastated financially by COVID-19 and that needed dental help.

Inspired by the purpose of the Pass It On Project, Valley Dental Works is matching the amount Columbia Bank is giving to provide needed dental care, free of charge, to someone especially impacted by COVID-19. Thanks to Columbia Bank teaming up with small businesses like Valley Dental Works, so another person will go to sleep with a smile on their face.