Tri City Dental Care truly goes above and beyond to make their patients comfortable including spa-like treatments as paraffin hand wax, aromatherapy, and massage chairs. It’s all part of their effort to provide the ultimate dental experience and to make sure that the community’s dental needs are taken care of.

“When the pandemic hit, we had to completely redo our protocols to make sure we could protect our patients and staff,” says owner Dr. Antonio Lopez-Ibarra. By developing systems such as having patients wait in their car until called and adhering to strict patient protective equipment (PPE) mandates, Tri City Dental Care has remained largely unscathed by COVID-19.

However, that is not the case for one of their long-time patient’s family member. “Unfortunately, one of our wonderful patient’s father passed away from COVID-19,” said Dr. Lopez-Ibarra. “As dentists, we knew that we could at least provide free treatment for the family to help alleviate that concern for them.”

Tri City Dental care is Passing It On with free dental care to make their patient’s life just a little more comfortable in this trying time and Columbia Bank is paying the bill.