Trainers to the Rescue in Hillsboro, Oregon is more than just a dog training school. They work with owners to create super athletic dogs who can do almost anything, including agility races, dock diving, herding, scent tracking and more. “We prioritize the skills and traits that can make championship dogs and great companions to their loving families,” says owner, Cindy Leung.

“When the crisis began to unfold, we knew we had to modify our business so we could protect our most vulnerable and treasured students – a 95-year-old grand lady who’s been training dogs for decades,” says Leung. “So we began limiting exposure and hours to make sure her and everyone else could stay safe. The trainers were also able to transition to Zoom course to keep their students engaged and educated”.

Leung and Trainers To The Rescue are eager to give back to their clients. As part of the Pass It On Project, they will be providing free lessons to several of their clients who have lost jobs due to the pandemic and Columbia Bank is covering the bill. “We know that the opportunity to train their dogs will maintain their human-animal bond, their psychological well-being and their social connections,” says Leung.