Ron Shincke, Town & Country Roofing

There aren’t many things more important than making sure your neighbor has a roof over their head. For the past 20 years, Town & Country Roofing in Tumwater, Washington, has been doing exactly that: installing and repairing roofs for folks in the South Puget Sound area. Having been born and raised in Olympia, owner Ron Shincke has a commitment to his hometown that goes beyond just business.

Over the years, Town & Country Roofing has done its part for local causes, from supporting arts organizations, like the Olympia Youth Chorus, to providing free roofs for families in need.

But Ron isn’t one to only give when times are good. Even now, while making sure his employees stay on the payroll, Town & Country Roofing has provided free meals to local nurses to express gratitude to those fighting the pandemic.

Through these actions, Columbia Bank saw an ideal partner in Ron and Town & Country Roofing for the Pass It On Project. Columbia Bank will pay Ron to install a skylight for a member of his community who has endured the shelter-in-place alone. This way, whenever they look up, they’ll be reminded there’s always light ahead.