Not your average barber shop, Tonsor is a luxury men’s grooming shop and shave parlor that caters to Clark County’s emerging class of discerning gentlemen. “We provide more than a great haircut,” says owner Hanif Collins,” we provide true style.” Additionally, Tonsor occupies another rare niche in that they also sell rare books, further showcasing this very unique establishment.

Like many other personal service providers, Tonsor was affected by COVID-19 and had to shut down for a time until state regulations allowed them to reopen. Collins and his team needed to revamp their business to ensure they could safely resume operations.

Knowing the impact the pandemic has had on many of their clients, Tonsor is passing on what they do best. Tonsor hosted a COVID-19 Day Of Relief event providing free haircuts to some of their long-time clients and even some new customers. “Everyone is struggling right now,” says Collins. “With Columbia Bank helping to cover the bill, we are doing our part to try and help.”