The expression “Don’t Mess with Texas” can often be applied to the great food borne from the Lone Star State, as in don’t mess with the authenticity of the cuisine. That is the theme behind Tin Roof Tacos of Boise, Idaho. Co-owners and sisters, Susan Loyd and Sandy Broun, are Texas natives who believe the best tacos come from Texas and their neighborhood taco stand fits that to a tee. As Sandy likes to say: “our food is not only uniquely Texas, but you get more taco for less dinero. Enjoy our wide variety at your own risk, because you might be hooked from here on out!”

One thing that did get messed with of course, was business as usual during the pandemic. “Dealing with Covid-19 has been an unbelievable challenge,” says Susan. “We had to close completely several times and then opened up just for takeout. We were just lucky enough to be able to pay our employees during the closures.”

Despite the setbacks, Susan and Sandy wanted to help their community and saw a partnership with Columbia Bank as a natural fit. “We are Passing It On to a charter school and local hospital with free food to help teachers and hospital employees enjoy a hearty lunch,” says Sandy. “Teachers and hospital workers are on the frontlines without a lot of appreciation, so with Columbia Bank picking up the tab, we are giving them the break they so deserve.”