Making mouth-watering donuts with a healthy flair, The Spot Donuts in Hermiston, Oregon is not your typical donut shop. “We make all our donuts with coconut oil and almond milk,” says owner Ray Diaz. “Aside from the glaze, our donuts are dairy free!” A super-efficient business, The Spot makes everything from their home-based business and even cuts every donut with a single cookie cutter.

Since they are almost exclusively by-delivery, the impacts of the pandemic were felt less by The Spot than other businesses. “We have seen a small drop in business, as people are definitely hurting and are not spending as much on things like donuts,” says Diaz.

Yet, the desire to eat wonderful homemade treats hasn’t dropped off, so with Columbia Bank paying the bill, The Spot is providing donuts to the Good Shepherd Medical Center. “The people working on the front lines of the pandemic are our heroes,” says Diaz, “and we want to Pass It On to doctors, nurses, office staff, custodians – EVERYONE – by giving them something to help make their tough job a little easier.”