The Old Cannery Furniture Warehouse in Sumner, Washington is not your typical furniture store. With miles of train tracks suspended from the roof, and a 77,000 square foot showroom filled with trains and animatronics, this is one furniture store where the kids will gladly tag along.

“Our mission is to create a fun shopping experience for the whole family,” says owner David Radcliffe.

The impact that the store felt during the start of the pandemic however, was anything but fun. “We were closed down for two months and it forced us to really think outside the box in terms of creating a safe environment for our staff and our customers. It was a lot of hard work and worry,” says Radcliffe.

Despite their own personal hardship, the team at Old Cannery is Passing It On to people who have it even harder. With Columbia Bank paying the bill, they are helping to provide furniture to Exodus House, a local nonprofit that provides aid and assistance to people living with homelessness and domestic violence. “All of us at the store feel very passionately about the mission and work of this amazing organization,” says Radcliffe. “Our great hope is that by Passing It On, we help inspire many others in the community to do the same.”