The Mecca Gym of Meridian, Idaho lives up to its name as it is truly a mecca for body builders and “gym rats” who crave peak conditioning and fitness. “We are a state-of-the-art gym and wellness center that specializes in bodybuilding content preparation,” says owner Eric Cafferty. “We also provide in-person coaching, a wellness center and exercise physiologists.”

Unfortunately, the global pandemic has hit the fitness industry especially hard. “COVID-19 has affected us on a deep level,” says Cafferty. “We had to close for weeks, lay off staff and more. Our mission these last few months has been to remodel the company and make sure we never have to go through these hard times again.”

Part of that remodel is providing virtual memberships and other creative ways to serve customers. So when Columbia Bank asked Cafferty if he wanted to participate in their Pass It On Project, he didn’t hesitate. Excited to help those achieve their fitness goals, The Mecca Gym is providing discounts to customers and Columbia Bank is covering the bill. “We are passing it on to our customers through discounts in in-person and virtual memberships,” says Cafferty. “We know the need to train is so strong for them, and with Columbia Bank’s help, we will make sure they can do just that.”