When Brian Magnussen, owner of The Human Bean in Vancouver, Washington first started his business, someone told him it was just like running a bar – but in the morning. “At first I thought the comment was strange, but it turned out to be right,” he says. “Right down to the towels on the counter, to making the drinks, to really getting to know our customers, we are a bar for the morning!

The pandemic, however, may have made Magnussen wish for stronger drinks. “It has been really stressful for all of us,” he states. “We saw a pretty big reduction in sales early on, and we had to adopt many new procedures, change schedules and reduce hours.”

Being a provider of much needed energy for his morning clientele, however, means that Magnussen isn’t one to feel sorry for himself. The Human Bean team was eager to join Columbia Bank’s Pass It on Project. “We are passing it on by proving free coffee to teachers and staff of Harmony Elementary, Pacific Middle School and Emerald Elementary School,” he says. “Teachers and staff are doing an amazing job with all this, and with Columbia picking up the tab, it’s my great hope that we can help them start the day right.”