Unapologetically unnecessary, but wildly fun, is a great way to describe the products and décor of The Hen House Chicks of Colfax, Washington. “Our business provides an escape from daily life,” says owners Sandi and Nancy Cochran. “There is nothing in our story that is a true ‘need.’ We provide things to brighten life and inspire creativity. Indeed, The Hen House Chicks boutique is chalk full of fun and eccentric home and garden décor – including a full range of actual chalkboard paint so creative minds can write and draw on any surface.


While the beginning of 2020 saw record sales for the boutique, the pandemic soon put the brakes on. “We had to close in the spring and summer and are only just now regaining momentum,” says Sandi. “It’s been a challenge, but regardless, our continuing goal is to spread joy and creativity wherever and whenever we can.”


Their creativity is just one reason Columbia Bank approached them to join them in their Pass It On Project. And true to their aim, the Cochran’s jumped right on board. The Hen House Chicks is providing free or discounted items and Columbia Bank is picking up the tab. “We are providing free and discounted items to our wonderful customers,” says Nancy. “Even during this difficult time, people shouldn’t forgo fun, and our hope is that we help some customers find creative delight.”