For Deidre McDougall, owner of The Bean coffee shop in Cottonwood, California, passing on support is as familiar as passing on great coffee. “We are very connected to our community and never miss a chance to give back,” she says. “One of our favorite programs is the Giving Tree that we’ve sponsored at our local school so that children who may not ordinarily get gifts during the holidays are provided for. We’ve been doing that for 14 years.”

For McDougall, her spirit of giving is tied directly to the community she serves. “We have a motto in Cottonwood: see a need, fill a need. I think the concept of passing it on is really about lending a helping hand when you see a problem.”

So when McDougall was approached to participate in Columbia Bank’s Pass It On Project, she saw the perfect way to help those in need. In order to help give a few families some extra help, The Bean is providing gift cards to five local families who have suffered during Covid-19 and Columbia Bank is paying the bill. “By passing it on, we are definitely filling a need in our close-knit community and helping families get back on their feet. It’s the Cottonwood way!”