Getting a pump and the good feelings associated with a tough workout is one of life’s greatest pleasures. At Brynn Esbenshade’s Temple Fitness, members can chase that feeling in a personalized training studio that provides individualized training programs for members. It is designed to coach each individual toward their goals through fitness coaching, nutrition coaching and community support.

Unfortunately, in-person fitness studios and gyms were one of the hardest hit industries during the COVID-19 pandemic. While many transitioned to working out at home, Brynn’s business incurred losses and have been less able to reach out to members and continue providing health and nutrition training.

In a show of solidarity, the community was ready to step in if needed for Brynn. “We had a group of people willing to donate funds to help support us and keep our business alive if needed,” she said. “While we graciously declined funds offered from individuals, the willingness and desire to see Temple Fitness survive was significant.”

That’s why Brynn is joining Columbia Bank’s Pass It On Project. With Columbia Bank paying the bill, Temple Fitness is gifting memberships to healthcare workers and former members who stopped visiting due to the pandemic.

“We want to support our community in a time of difficulty,” Brynn said. “We have seen many challenges throughout our time in business, but this year has been the greatest challenge. If we can reach out to support someone else to help improve hope for the future, we will do anything we can.”