Located in Red Bluff, California, Tehama Property Management is all about the relationships they build with clients. “We believe in an intimate, detail oriented and hands-on approach to property management,” says owners Tyler and Vici Miranda. “We’re not the type of company that disappears as soon as the lease is signed – anything a client needs is something that we’re prepared to provide, no exceptions.”

The Miranda’s detailed and hands-on approach extends to their philosophy of giving back to the community. “We believe it’s incumbent on everyone to try and help others whenever you can,” says Vici. “We try to use our resources to make someone’s day better, but to also make their life better.”

That philosophy is a driving force in the Miranda’s partnering with Columbia Bank’s Pass It On Project. That is why Tehama Property Management is using their services to help those that need a fresh start and Columbia Bank is paying the bill. “As a property management company, we help people find a home and we help people provide homes for others,” says Tyler. “We also can make that process easier and more affordable and we are using this incredible gift from Columbia Bank to do just that. We are passing it on to an organization called Empower Tehama by helping to find places to live for families who need a fresh start after leaving difficult circumstances.”