For Dr. Seth Alley of Sylvan Chiropractic Services of Portland, the service he and his team provide is a personal triumph for their patients. “One of the most enjoyable parts of my practice is working with families where I treat multiple generations,” he says. “I love to hear – especially from young athletes and dancers – that the care I provided helped them recover so they could advance in their chosen endeavor.”

Unfortunately, the recovery from COVID-19 has been a very slow and tedious process, especially for those industries that require hands on services. “We needed to close down in order to comply with the Governor’s mandate and stay closed for several months,” says Alley. “As a result, we lost two months of revenue and while we have managed to keep our staff together, it has been incredibly difficult.”

As a dedicated healer, Dr. Alley is focusing on helping patients with limited means and that is why he is joining forces with Columbia Bank’s Pass It On Project. Sylvan Chiropractic Services is providing treatment to patients in need and Columbia Bank is picking up the tab. “We are passing it on by providing treatment free of charge to our patients who cannot afford our services right now,” he says. “We want to continue to treat patients’ injuries that might limit them otherwise, and with Columbia Bank’s help, we will do just that.