You would be hard pressed to find someone with more of an entrepreneurial spirit than Stephanie Lynn, owner of Sweet Spot Skirts in Vancouver, Washington. A retailer and manufacturer of women’s active wear, Lynn was one of the first manufacturers in her local community that saw an immediate need due to the pandemic and quickly responded with her skill and talent. “We were asked to help make masks for a chain of veterinarian clinics around the country who desperately needed them,” says Lynn. “Soon, we designed a type of facemask that doesn’t go over your ears but wraps around your neck – not unlike a skirt! We even launched a whole new business called!”

Her ability to adapt and overcome was put to the test during the worst of the pandemic. “We’ve been shut down three times and it has spun us around like a top,” she says. “But we had the raw materials laying around our warehouse, launched a new business and that helped keep my primary store and employees afloat.”

Being an entrepreneur can also mean looking out for others who struggle and that is exactly why Sweet Spot Skirts is partnering with Columbia Bank’s Pass It On Project. “We are passing it on by donating our new masks to people who cannot afford them and to first responders, nonprofits, and other organizations in need,” says Lynn. “I am going to utilize Columbia Bank’s generosity to do something fabulous for our community.” Sweet Spot Skirts is providing masks to those that need it most, and Columbia Bank is paying the bill.