Erin Zollenkopf, Susan Matlack Jones & Associates

Erin Zollenkopf, owner of Susan Matlack Jones & Associates of Portland, literally grew up in the organization, as her mother, Susan E Jones founded the nonprofit bookkeeping firm and often brought Erin into the office. When Susan retired, Erin was the natural choice to take over and brought her love of the arts, her passion for nonprofits and her skills in accounting to grow the firm into one of the most prominent nonprofit accountancy organizations in Portland.

“Our job is to help those who normally cringe at spreadsheets and numbers, become enthusiastic about the power of accounting,” says Erin.

Like many businesses throughout Oregon and the nation, Susan Matlack Jones & Associates has had to scramble to continue serving clients during the pandemic. The office and staff work remotely and Erin and her husband have to work full time while also attending to their two young children who no longer have access to daycare. “I’ve seen a lot of pain among clients as reserves dwindle and anxiety about the future sets in – especially for performing arts organizations so reliant on gatherings,” says Erin.

It is this realization about the struggles of the performing arts that has led Erin and Susan Matlack Jones & Associates to Pass It On with free bookkeeping for the Portland Baroque Orchestra. The organization has been a client of Susan Matlack Jones for more than two decades and Erin is a regular at performances. “I think their music is transformative and I want to ensure that they exist for future generations to enjoy,” says Erin.

With Columbia Bank footing the bill, Susan Matlack Jones & Associates is working to keep the beautiful music of the Portland Baroque Orchestra playing today and tomorrow.