Despite our best efforts to keep things clean and tidy, our cars are simply magnets for all manner of dirt, dust, and debris. When our vehicles need some TLC, the car wash is the place to go. And in Sunnyside, Washington, that place is Sunny Spot Car Wash.

Upon entering the line, customers are greeted with a mint. It started as a promotion when Stan Beltman opened the business in 2004, and continues to this day. But the customers were fewer during the COVID-19 pandemic, as fewer people were putting hard miles on their cars and were shying away from the shopping center where Stan’s business is located.

From his viewpoint, Stan knew how many workers had been furloughed or laid off at various businesses and restaurants in the shopping center. That is why he decided to join Columbia Bank’s Pass It On project. Wanting to help those in his community, Sunny Spot Car Wash is providing free car washes to those who could use a pick-me-up and Columbia Bank is paying the tab.

“We’re all in this together and so many small businesses have been affected,” says Beltman. “It’s also had a huge effect on the employees of these businesses. Any small gesture can help people through this.”

Hopefully, a clean ride and complimentary mint will do the trick!