No stranger to the concept of passing it on, Mudhu Sharma, the owner of a Subway restaurant in Colusa, California, has been giving back to his community for years. “I’ve lived and worked in Colusa for 22 years, and I love making donations wherever I can,” says Sharma. “During the beginning part of the pandemic, we donated sandwiches to any first responder who came into the restaurant. I think it’s what a good community business should do.”

For Sharma, the idea of giving is to both help in the present and also into the future. “Passing it on means giving love and care today, but it also is a way to show everyone that together, we can help each other and get through anything!”

As the owner of a popular restaurant in town, Sharma and his team are excited to join with Columbia Bank’s Pass It On project and do what they do best to brighten people’s days. With Columbia paying the bill, Subway is passing it on by giving $100 gift cards to businesses and nonprofits in the area that need an extra boost. Sharma says. “I love to see people’s reactions when you give them an unexpected gift and pass on positive feelings and energy.”