Nothing beats cold ice cream on a hot day. But, according to Jack Walsh, owner of Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream in Federal Way, Washington, “absolutely nothing beats 55 flavors of ice creams, yogurts, and custards that are flash frozen with liquid nitrogen to make the freshest, smoothest, and creamiest ice cream ever!”

Indeed, while such a treat sounds and tastes amazing, the sad truth is that the pandemic has put a bit of a deep freeze on Walsh’s business. “Our store sales are down about 40 percent due to COVID restrictions,” he says. “A good amount of our business comes from catering corporate events, and that business has dwindled to near zero.”

Yet, Walsh knows that so many other people are suffering even more, and that is why he is joining up with Columbia Bank’s Pass It On Project. Wanting to help those that help others, Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream is providing free ice cream to health care workers and Columbia Bank is picking up the tab. “We are passing it on to the employees of St. Francis Hospital,” says Walsh. “Hospital employees are on the front lines literally risking their lives, and with Columbia Bank’s help, we are going to show them our appreciation and support.”