Christina “Stina” Roe of StinaFace in Boise, Idaho decided that after having spent years inside the beauty industry, she was ready to take on an entire business for herself. “I created StinaFace after ten years of being a professional makeup artist, marketing manager and product developer,” she says. “It only made sense to apply my skills and experience to open my own line.”

No amount of experience, however, could prepare Roe for the pandemic and its effects. “I became infected with COVID while I was 35 weeks pregnant!”, she says. “It’s been so hard on me physically and also on my business.”

Yet as any entrepreneur will tell you, you need mental and physical toughness to open your own business. So, when Columbia Bank approached her about joining them and their Pass It On Project, she didn’t hesitate. That is why StinaFace is providing free products to businesses in need and Columbia Bank is picking up the bill. “I’m passing it on to the many boutiques and storefronts that are hurting right now,” says Roe. “With Columbia Bank’s help, I’m going to provide products at no cost to these businesses so they can continue to operate in this difficult time.”