In 1989 following graduate school, Lesly Loiseau lost his job and needed a bit of a hand. A friend lent him $5,000 to help Lesly back on his feet. “That helping hand relieved a lot stress that I was going through and allowed me to stay in my apartment,” he said. “He was my guardian angel.”

The pass it on spirit helped Lesly get to this point, where he heads the Spokane Audiology Clinic. His clinic evaluates and treats hearing losses in patients from newborn to the elderly, providing the best audiologic care and affordable hearing aid technology.

Despite a tough time through the COVID-19 pandemic with lost revenues and staff income, Lesly is still passing it on, with Columbia Bank’s backing. His clinic is providing hearing aid and exam for a local patient who himself is constantly giving back in the community and Columbia Bank is covering the expense. “I hope this will drive us to look outward and not inward,” Lesly said. “The world needs us and we need them. Sooner or later we will all need a helping hand from someone else.”

Let’s hear it for Lesly showing you can still lend a hand during the most difficult times.