To Sarah Harris Murphy, owner of Sol & Serre Florists, flowers are more than a business. “I provide joy and color therapy on demand!” she says. Her commitment to her mission means that she is at the flower market every week finding the most unique and brilliant flowers to please her customers.

That commitment was fully on display during the early months of the pandemic. “I am a one-woman shop, so I don’t have to worry about employees,” says Harris Murphy. “That let me really just focus on making deliveries whenever I needed to.”

Her own good fortune aside, Harris Murphy knows that others have suffered greatly and she wants to make a difference. When asked to join Columbia Bank’s Pass It On Project, Harris Murphy didn’t hesitate and knew exactly how to brighten someone’s day. Sol & Serre is providing free flowers to grocery store workers and postal workers and Columbia Bank is picking up the tab. “These folks have had to work during the worst parts of the pandemic and with Columbia Bank’s help, I hope to provide a little color therapy to them,” says Harris Murphy.