Whether its for farming, agriculture, gardening or homesteading, the Snohomish Co-Op is your place for any all equipment, animal feed and animal care. It’s a bustling and busy place with racks of feed, all the latest equipment and an upstairs attic that employees refer to as “Narnia” because you really never know what you will find up there.

Unlike other businesses, the pandemic has created an even busier pace for the Co-Op. “We have been working twice as hard for long hours,” says owner Mark Craven. “The community has a new desire to be self-sufficient, so more people are coming in to grow their own food at home.”

While Mark and team have been busy however, others in Snohomish have had to significantly reduce their operation. Their local 4-H Club has not been able to do any of its normal fundraising activities during this time of cancelled events. And through the Pass It On Project, Mark and his team knew just the perfect way to help. The Snohomish Co-op is passing it on by providing gift cards to the 4-H Club and Columbia Bank is picking up the tab. “They are the future of farming, and we wanted to make sure they can continue to pursue they dream,” says Craven.