If great tasting coffee with the requisite jolt of caffeine is a necessity for you, then a place like Snoho Mojo of Snohomish, Washington is your kind of place. “We have our own coffee roast and brand, and we are open 24 hours,” says owner William Fulton. “Our espresso stand is like a beacon for folks who need a boost of energy at any time of day or night – whether they are heading to work or driving home.”

With so many people locked down in their homes, the pandemic has made it tough for Fulton and team. “COVID-19 has hit our business really hard,” he says. “People aren’t in need of their commute coffee and so we have struggled to keep business up and keep our team together.”

Yet, his customers are still the most important part of the business and that is why Fulton and team are partnering with Columbia Bank’s Pass It On Project. Wanting to give back to his loyal customers, Snoho Mojo is providing free coffee and drinks to customers and Columbia Bank is covering the tab. “Of course, we are going to be passing it on to our customers,” says Fulton. “Without them, we wouldn’t be here, so we are thrilled to take Columbia Bank’s generous gift and provide a little jolt of joy to the people that matter most.”