Snap Fitness is your go-to gym no matter what time or what day. “We are open 24/7/365,” says owner Darrin Hamblin. “Whether it’s free weights, functional training or physical therapy, we have absolutely everything a person needs to get in and stay in peak physical shape.”

Like so many gyms and health clubs, Snap Fitness had to endure tremendous hardship during the pandemic. “We were shut down for months and it really cut into our business,” says Hamblin. “Unfortunately, we had many members cancel their membership during this time.”

Yet, as restrictions have lifted, Snap Fitness is slowing recovering and they want to help others along the way. Excited to be a part of Columbia Bank’s Pass It On Project, Hamblin knew exactly how to help those in his community. Snap Fitness is proving clients in need with discounts and Columbia Bank is picking up the tab. “People are still struggling financially, but with Columbia Bank’s help, we can make sure some folks can still enjoy the gift of fitness,” says Hamblin