For three generations, Skutt Ceramic Products has made some of the finest kilns in the US and shipped their unique products all over the world. Whether it’s a school in New York, or an art studio in London, there is a chance a Skutt kiln is there.

Through wars and recessions, Skutt continued to product kilns, but the pandemic of 2020 has been one of their biggest challenges yet. “Like many businesses, the intensity and longevity of COVID-19 caught us by surprise,” says owner Jim Skutt. “It has tested our creative business skills, but we are proud in how we’ve worked together to find solutions.”

Knowing that their products help produce amazing art and creativity, Columbia Bank approached Skutt Ceramic Products about joining in on the Pass It On Project. Without hesitation they agreed. Skutt Ceramic Products is helping an organization that embraces their same philosophies, and Columbia Bank is paying the bill. “We are passing it on to an organization that is on the cutting edge of driving social change and equality in Portland,” says Skutt. “Don’t Shoot Portland is a key organization providing activism and support to the local Black community. We are donating a kiln to their youth clay program so that children can work toward amazing art that helps spread the word of equality and justice. With Columbia Bank’s support, we hope the next generation can continue to create and inspire.”