At one point in its history, Silver City Barber Shop of Silverdale, Washington was owned and operated by five sisters. “It was quite a family affair,” says owner Danny Henricks, “and even though working with family can be challenging, we were all so dedicated to making the business thrive. It’s really been a wild and fun ride, and while 16 years later, only three of us remain at the shop, we are all still very close.”

The strength of family has been especially important during this terrible pandemic. “It’s been so hard, says Henricks. “We are open but essentially crippled due to restrictions.”

Yet, the perseverance the family has shown over the past decades is one of the reasons they are partnering with Columbia Bank and their Pass It On Project. Wanting to help those who put themselves at risk daily, Silver City Barber is providing free haircuts to frontline workers and Columbia Bank is paying the bill. “We are passing it on by providing free barber services to the folks who persevere the most – frontline workers,” says Henricks. “With Columbia Bank’s support, we will be helping to lift up the spirits of folks who truly deserve special attention.”