Looking for Second Street Grill in Yakima, WA? It’s right there in the name! Head to Second Street in Yakima’s Downtown area to find owner Steve Pinza’s full-service restaurant and bar. Established in 2008, it’s a great place to snag some classic pub fare or watch the big game.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has made life difficult in the restaurant industry, and Pinza has not been immune. Second Street Grill had to close its doors during the stay-at-home orders, leaving its 53 employees without employment. Now, they are offering orders to-go and returning to some sense of normalcy.

Pinza said the community has shown so much support throughout the pandemic, purchasing gift cards when there was no guarantee of reopening and tipping generously when the doors were opened again. “In tougher times, it makes you more acutely aware of the struggles of those around you,” Pinza said. “It also makes you appreciate how fortunate you are to share that with others.”

And share he did. As a partner in Columbia Bank’s Pass It On Project, Second Street Grill is providing on gift cards to Wellness House, an organization which offers free support services, education, and resources to individuals suffering from cancer or other life-challenging illnesses, and Columbia Bank is covering the bill. Wellness House will distribute those gift cards for meals to those in need.

“As we return to ‘normalcy,’ I hope people remember the lessons learned during these tough times, keep others in mind, and continue to pass it on,” said Pinza.