“Turning Heads since 1999” is one of the slogans for William Williams and Erika Morris at Salon Visio, their salon, spa, barbershop, and retail space location in Hood River. They provide clients with hair, skin, nail, and tanning services, along with the products that will keep you looking sharp long after you’ve left the salon.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic significantly impacted William and Erika’s business. They were closed for over two months and lost much potential revenue over that time. Even after being able to reopen, limited staff schedules and frequent client cancellations have made it difficult to get back to business as usual.

Still, that’s not enough to stop William and Erika from wanting to pass it on. Despite their own struggles, they still want to help other small businesses in the community. That’s why, with Columbia Bank writing the check, they are passing on salon services to other small business owners and staff who, like themselves, were significantly impacted by the pandemic.

“[Passing it on] is a time when we came together and looked out for one another,” they said. “When we all look back, we will remember the times we helped each other and passed it on. We will remember the moments when we united, not just the difficulties.”