Serving the community for more than 30 years, Sacramento Delta Property Management is a premiere residential property manager in California’s capitol. “Our focus is on managing single family homes and helping people live the American Dream,” says owner Ted White. “Currently we have approximately 1,900 properties under management.”

While that number is impressive, it’s even more so given the difficulties of operating during the pandemic. “Our biggest impact was staffing,” says White. “We had so many of our employees either out sick or taking care of a sick loved one. It was constantly a challenge to take care of our clients.”

Being in the housing business, Sacramento Delta saw an immediate area where they could help others in the community, and Columbia Bank’s Pass It On Project provided the perfect tool for that assistance. That is why Sacramento Delta Property Management is providing free resources to a local non-profit and Columbia Bank is covering the bill. “With Columbia Bank’s Pass It On Project, we are going to provide our services to Volunteers of America,” says White. “By using Columbia’s generous gift, we will manage a property for the organization that they currently can’t actively manage. It feels great to be able to help an organization doing so much for our community.”