A family-owned business, Rude’s Auto Care lives by its motto that they do their best to help people in unfortunate situations get back on the road. Providing all kinds of automotive services, Rude’s has been keeping the residents and visitors on the road in Lynden, Washington for a long time.

COVID-19 has thrown a wrench into their business however, as the volume of work has been slowed. “It’s been tough for business and probably just as importantly, it has complicated our daily lives on so many levels,” says owner Robert Rude.

Yet, keeping those who provide important services to the community on the road is not complicated and is exactly why Rude’s is joining Columbia Bank’s Pass It On Project. “We really want to help support first responders in all they do,” says Rude. “With Columbia Bank helping to pay the bill, we are going to make sure that these folks can continue to keep us all safe.”