The name of the Ruby June Inn is derived from the first names of the owner’s mom and grandmother. “Ruby (owner Chris Wiggins’ mom) and June (co-owner Gretchen Wolf’s grandmother) were two amazing women who loved to laugh, cook, and make people feel at home,” says Wiggins and Wolf. “They have been in inspiration for us to create a great place to stay and feel welcome.”

What hasn’t been welcome of course, is the pandemic. “We are down about 35% in room occupancy,” says Wiggins. “However, on the bright side, it has allowed us to spend more time with our guests!”, adds Wolf.

Both Wiggins and Wolf want to add a few guests in the coming days who truly deserve a night of relaxation. In collaboration with Columbia Bank’s Pass It On Project the Ruby June Inn are opening their doors. “We are supporting a few inner-city Portland teachers who have been doing an amazing job through all of this,” says Wolf. “With Columbia Bank paying the bill, we are going to help some great teachers indulge in this beautiful area we call home.”