In the beautiful and popular resort town of Bend, Oregon it helps to have something unique and special if you are in the hotel business. For the Rainbow Motel, that something special is their amazing rose garden that is owner Panna Patel’s pride and joy. “We have the best rose garden in Bend,” she says. “Just ask us!”

Unfortunately, the pandemic has been a constant thorn in the side for Patel. “We lost a lot of business in the first two quarters of the year due to restrictions and decreased tourism,” says Patel. In fact, the City of Bend had to actively discourage tourists from visiting the town this summer to help contain the spread locally.

Yet even with this hardship Patel is looking to help others and was excited to join Columbia Bank’s Pass It On Project. The Rainbow Motel is providing a free month of accommodations to a family that has a new baby but doesn’t have a place to stay and Columbia Bank is paying the bill. “We want to give them a much-needed break, and with help from Columbia Bank, we can ensure they don’t need to worry,” says Patel.