Gloria Robben, owner of R & R Espresso in Rockaway Beach, Oregon definitely has vision. “While we’ve been in Rockaway Beach for 30 years, our current location of the past ten years is really special,” she says. “We converted an old barber shop into our wonderful 200 square foot location where we serve drinks, but also sell homemade baked goods. I don’t image the original owner ever thought the smell of fresh baked bread would come out of barber shop!”

For Robben and R & R Espresso, the pandemic has been such a rollercoaster of emotion. “Initially, people fled the larger cities and practically took over the town,” she says. “Many people felt unsafe and while we initially shut down, we knew we needed to reopen and serve not only our loyal customers, but essential workers as well. It’s been hard, but also gratifying to hear so many customers thank us for being there for them.”

Being there for the town is also Robben’s main reason for participating in Columbia Bank’s Pass It On program. Wanting to help the community they love, R&R Espresso is providing gift cards to community members and Columbia Bank is paying the bill. “We are passing it on by purchasing local business’s gift cards and then donating them to community members,” says Robben. “This way, we benefit both the businesses and the people who could really use a break.”