In their fourth generation of family ownership, QSL Print Communications of Springfield, Oregon has deep connections to the community. “We provide the whole gamut of printing needs from simple to complex,” says owner Melissa Koke. “Through it all, we strive to honor our roots and also honor our environment by using sustainable manufacturing practices and working toward zero waste.”

The business environment surrounding the pandemic however has been anything but sustainable. “Our business has seen a decline because we tend to serve organizations and industry that have been adversely impacted like schools, health care, restaurants and entertainment industries,” says Koke. I’m also a parent and have been deeply involved in the challenges of home schooling.”

Because of QSL Print Communications dedication to the local community, Koke’s banker knew they’d be a great fit for the Pass It On Project. When asked to participate, Koke selected an organization close to her heart. QSL Print Communications is providing free printing services to the Boys & Girls Club of the Emerald Valley and Columbia Bank is paying the bill. “With Columbia Bank’s support, we are helping to make sure this great organization for kids has some of the resources they need to continue their amazing work,” says Koke.