It’s sometimes said that a veterinarian has a more difficult job than a doctor because they have to know a great deal about multiple species. That is certainly the case for Dr. Dana Westerman, owner of Professional Equine Therapeutic Services which is a mobile veterinary service for large animals. But if that wasn’t enough, she is also the attending veterinarian for the Cougar Mountain Zoo and its collection of exotic animals like Bengal Tigers!

“We have been busier than usual during the pandemic,” says Dr. Westerman. “We have been working around the clock caring for animals and helping our wonderful clients. This is such a great community, and I know firsthand because when I was very sick a few years ago, many people contributed to a GoFundMe campaign so I could pay my employees!”

Obviously, Dr. Westerman is a great believer in the spirit behind a campaign like Columbia Bank’s Pass It On Project and was excited to jump on board.  “We are passing it on by donating our services along with and the Washington Cattlemen’s Association to provide support for ranchers who have been devastated by this summer’s wildfires,” she says. “Many have lost their homes, grazing land and animals, so I am honored to be able to help them recover any way I can.” Professional Equine Therapeutic Services is helping those impacted by the devasting wildfires and Columbia Bank is paying the bill.