With the last name of Barker, Amy Barker, owner of Prairie Dog Pet Mercantile, seemed destined toward her vocation. “We are a natural and holistic pet supply store with two locations in Spokane, Washington,” she says. “We strongly believe in the power of nutrition for pets and we strive to empower and educate our community for the joy, health, and longevity of our beloved animals.”

While as an essential business, the Prairie Dog Pet Mercantile was able to stay open, however the joy Barker mentioned has been in short supply. “Like so many other businesses, 2020 has been incredibly volatile for us,” she says. “We lost a lot of business, but we felt so lucky to be able to keep our staff together because of a PPP loan.”

Buoyed by their good circumstances, Barker and team are thrilled to partner with Columbia Bank’s Pass It On Project. Excited to do what they do best – help animals – Prairie Dog Pet Mercantile is passing it on with healthy supplies for pets and Columbia Bank is paying the bill. “We are passing it on to two wonderful organizations, the Spokane Humane Society and Murci’s Mission,” says Barker. “Both organizations help house and find homes for stray animals and that is needed now more than ever due to the severe impacts from the pandemic on people’s ability to care for their pets.”