Power Chiropractic Clinic in Happy Valley, Oregon believes in the power of their services to both restore lost health to adults and keep health within infants and young children. A full-service practice, owner Michael Hickel and team also provide several types of massage therapy to sooth sore muscles and joints.

What has not been soothing however, is the impact of COVID-19. “We had to shut down our massage therapy for three months,” says Hickel. “Additionally, we experienced a pretty severe financial strain along with the mental strain that so many of our clients have suffered.”

As healers, Hickel and team are predisposed to help and that is why when asked to participate in Columbia Bank’s Pass It On Project, they were immediately on board. “We are providing free services to clients of ours that have really struggled with job loss and other hardships,” says Hickel. “With Columbia Bank providing resources, we are going to make sure that fathers and mothers and kids get the kind of chiropractic support they need to feel better and healthier.” Power Chiropractic Clinic is providing free services for patients in need and Columbia Bank is paying the bill.