There are bike fans, and then there are BIKE FANS. Portland Bike Gallery definitely caters to the latter group. “All of us at Bike Gallery love everything bike related and our mission in life is to get more people on bikes more often,” says owner Debbie Mannix. “We don’t care if you are going out for your first ride, or you 100th race, we are just excited that you are riding!”

This passion for biking happened to come in handy during the pandemic. “We were actually really busy during the worst months of the pandemic because so many people were at home and they really wanted to start biking,” says Mannix. “We helped a lot of families fix up old bike or purchase new ones to hit the roads.”

Because of their mission to get people on bikes, their path toward helping the community was clear. When asked to join in on Columbia Bank’s Pass It On Project, they jumped at the opportunity. Portland Bike Gallery is providing free equipment to two families in need, and Columbia Bank is footing the bill. “We are providing free equipment to two families we’ve come to know through the Llewellyn Elementary School,” says Mannix. “We’ve partnered with the school during a bike day and they let us know of these families in need. So, with Columbia Bank’s help, we will provide new friends with the equipment needed to get out there and get biking!”