If you are looking to trick out your ride, Perfect Shine Auto Salon in Puyallup is the place for your car. Offering full interior and exterior detailing, protection, and restyling, this Auto Salon can provide everything from basic updates to a whole new look. Car lovers throughout Puyallup have obviously taken a shine to Perfect Shine. According to owner Chace Miller, “We’ve grown from a 400 square foot storage unit to a full service, 8,500 square foot garage in just four years.”

Throwing a wrench into his growth plan however, has been the pandemic. “COVID-19 hit us pretty hard,” says Miller. “We are not an essential service, so we’ve had to cut back drastically during all this uncertainty.”

Yet, the negative impacts haven’t stopped Miller and his team from trying to help another business during this challenging time. He was excited to jump on board with Columbia Bank’s Pass It On Project. “We are Passing It On by providing a vinyl advertising wrap for the company vehicle of a local business that has also struggled during the pandemic,” says Miller. “With Columbia Bank picking up the tab, we hope this extra advertising will help them bring in more customers.”