Palouse River Quilts in Colfax, Washington is like Nirvana for local quilters. With everything from fabrics, to patterns, to batting to books, if they don’t have it, it probably doesn’t exist. Of particular note, the shop carries a wide assortment of patriotic fabric for the making of Valor quilts.

The pandemic has been especially hard on Palouse River Quilts due to the fact that they had to shut down and that many of the customers are in a particular vulnerable population. “We were still able to sell some products via Facebook and email, but it wasn’t the same,” says owner Margaret Bazarini. “It’s also significantly cut into our in-person class business.”

Yet quilters are a very tight knit community and Bazarini is looking to help those in the community that need an extra level of support. Joining Columbia Bank’s efforts with the Pass It On Project, Palouse River Quilts is providing free quilting materials for a local senior center and Columbia Bank is paying the bill. “We are providing supplies to the Whitman Samplers Quilt Guild, which makes quilts for service members and their families,” she says. “With Columbia Bank’s help, we will make sure that those who served this great nation receive the recognition they deserve.”